SEMADUC Kit: A Flexible Signal-Chain Evaluation and Prototyping Platform

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9. June 2019
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SEMADUC Kit: A Flexible Signal-Chain Evaluation and Prototyping Platform

Based on Click boards™ Form-Factor to Easily Extend Functionality

The SEMADUC Kit is a modular prototyping and development platform designed to help engineers quickly build a signal-chain that is ideal for their application needs. By adopting the standard Mikroe Click boards™ form-factor and ecosystem, designers can easily add functionality without the need for hardware configuration. Providing fast prototyping and proof of concept solutions with ease thus increasing efficiency and productivity by minimizing time to market. Over 750 Click boards™ covering sensing, wireless or wired communication, power, and many more technologies are available.

Benefits of the SEMADUC Kit and Click boards™

  • Compatible with the Click boards™ ecosystem: Over 750 add-on boards that include all the signal chain components (wireless connectivity, sensors, interface, power, drivers, actuators, etc.)
  • Flexible platform: Mix and matchboard combinations to customize for specific requirements
  • Standardized and small form-factor
  • Extensive platform: Easily attachable to other community form-factors by using expander shield boards (ex: Arduino, PMOD, etc.)
  • Easy set up: Seamless out-of-box experience and zero hardware configuration with the mikroSDK (firmware, application, and demos)

SEMADUC Kit and Click boards™ Concept

Step 1
Start by connecting the EV-COGAD4050LZ MCU board to the interface board (ADI COG Click shield)
Step 3
Start with the demo GUI or start developing code


The SEMADUC Kit was built and launched by SEMITRON in partnership with Analog Devices and Mikroe. It includes an ARM® Cortex®-M4F based MCU base-board and an interface board with two mikroBUS™ sockets compatible with all Click boards™. Also included are two Click boards™ based on two new offerings from Analog Devices - Isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceiver (ADM2867E) and a quadchannel, universal analog and digital software configurable I/O (AD74413R). Applications in industrial, instrumentation, healthcare, transportation, and automotive can take advantage of this kit as a quick prototyping platform.

SEMADUC Kit Components:

EV-COG-AD4050LZ Base Board

  • On-board ultra-low power ARM® Cortex® M4F MCU
  • No external Debugger/Emulator Tools required
  • Small form factor (75X35mm )
  • Multiple power options – USB, Coin cell, External, Li-Ion
  • On-board accelerometer and temperature sensor
  • Compatible with ADI RF daughter cards, RF modules and ADI application add-on boards (Gears)

Demo Software: SEMADUC Kit GUI

PC based application to quickly test the functionality of the RS-485 and SDIO combination.

  • Establishes a connection with the respective serial port
  • User enters the text to be transmitted via RS-485
  • The MCU echoes the message received via RS-485 and plots a graphical representation of the signals sampled by the AD-SDIO 2 Click

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