With company offices throughout Germany and Switzerland as well as our team of dedicated field-sales engineers we are able to offer a wide network of support. The electronics industry is one of the fastest moving sectors of all. It is not easy to find competent staff who not only understand the difficulties, but who also know the solutions straight away.

We do not see ourselves as ordinary suppliers of component parts, but as partners when it comes to development issues. Our professional and experienced Field Sales Engineers (FSE) travel throughout Germany and Switzerland to offer our customers the best-possible advice on projects and new developments.

If issues arise during a project the FSE is supported by the corresponding Field Application Engineer (FAE). With his knowledge it is possible to solve even the most complex of problems.

As a distributor, we are the link between the customer and the manufacturer. We take this role seriously. Our approach is closely coordinated with the manufacturers, an approach that offers the best possible support.
In addition to the distribution of semiconductors, Semitron W. Röck GmbH specialises in test house services. We offer all quality control procedures (e.g. component analysis); moreover, programming components with customer-specific software is included in our programming services. Our test house also offers the option of taping components to the batch size required. That ensures our customers receive the batch size that suits them best, irrespective of the manufacturer, if desired.

At the same time, the electronic components are processed to the highest quality and safety standards (including CECC regulations).

Our close cooperation with the manufacturers results in wide-ranging expertise. The combination of experienced staff and the latest technical equipment ensures we meet our customers' exacting requirements.

The level of collaboration between our Distribution and Test House facilities is unique in Germany. No other distributor can offer its own test house services to its customers after the components have been delivered. This unique selling proposition means we are able to develop a more sophisticated understanding, which in turn guarantees the best results during the design-in phase of new customer projects.
Semitron W. Röck GmbH is an authorised distributor for products from the following manufacturers:

  • Analog Devices
  • Honeywell Sensing & IoT
  • Microchip
  • Seiko Instruments
  • Semitron W. Röck GmbH is authorised by agreement to distribute components of the manufacturers mentioned on this website in the sales area. In contrast to purchasing products through unauthorised dealers, our customers enjoy full warranty under law; moreover, not only do they benefit from the support service provided by Semitron W. Röck GmbH whenever problems or questions arise they are also supported by the manufacturer.

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