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Power Portfolio

Analog Devices’ Power by Linear™ power management ICs and power modules provide the foundation for powering today’s and tomorrow’s innovations across all markets. Our high-performance power management solutions meet stringent power requirements with leading-edge design and packaging technologies, including unmatched power densities, ultralow noise technology, and superior reliability. Supported by the industry’s most comprehensive start-to-finish power design tool suite, along with highly configurable power interconnect solutions.


  • Consistent Quality: The most technically advanced products with performance specifications guaranteed in the -40 ° C to + 150 ° C temperature range.
  • Proven Reliability: FIT rate of <0.09 ppm and a lifetime warranty. TS 16949, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified.
  • Customer and Factory Support: Unique field service, factory support, and quality web-presence provide an unmatched approach to service all customers, regardless of size.
  • Performance: Premium performance that delivers unmatched value. Compact footprints, high-efficiency conversion, and low EMI.
  • Long Life Cycles: Committed to extending product longevity without obsolescence – as long as the market needs it, we will make it.


μModule Regulators

Analog Devices μModule® Power products are system-in-package solutions that integrate high-performance analog ICs, power switches, and passive components. These products simplify the implementation, verification, and manufacturing of power circuits.

Advantages of μModule Regulators

  • Saves PCB layout design time
  • Reduces the need for an in-house power supply expert to debug the power
  • High efficiency at a wide operating frequency range
  • Shortened design cycle
  • High efficiency in a minimal board area
  • Good thermal performance
  • No need for additional EMI filters for most products (saving cost on components and board area)

Use cases

  • Small foot-print applications in industrial, medical, test, and measurement
  • Multi-voltage rail applications
  • FPGA, DSP, or application processor applications

Featured μModule Products

Part Number Number of outputs Vin (min) V Vin (max) V Output Current (type) A Output Current 2 (type) A Price (1000+) $ US Package
LTM4691 2 2.25 3.6 2 2 2.84 24-lead (3mm × 4mm × 1.18mm)
LTM4657 1 3.1 20 8 6.48 49-lead BGA (6.25mm × 6.25mm × 3.87mm)
LTM8078 2 3 40 1.4 1.4 6.53 49-lead BGA (6.25mm x 6.25mm x 2.22mm)
LTM4668 4 2.7 17 1.2 1.2 6.55 49-lead BGA (6.25mm x 6.25mm x 2.10mm)
LTM4662 2 4.5 20 15 15 28.75 88-lead BGA (15mm x 11.25mm x 5.74mm)
LTM8051 4 3 40 1.2 9.03 91-lead BGA (11.25mm x 6.25mm x 2.22mm)
LTM8083 1 3 36 1.5 8.45 49-lead BGA (6.25mm x 6.25mm x 2.22mm)
LTM8074 1 3.2 40 1.2 3.83 25-Lead BGA (4mm x 4mm x 1.82mm)

Silent Switcher® 2 Family

Analog Devices Silent Switcher® regulators bring new levels of performance for synchronous step-down DC to DC converters. Combining 2MHz switching, high efficiency and ultra-low EMI, they offer very compact and low EMI power solutions.

Advantages of Silent Switcher® 2

  • Special design and packaging techniques to offer 95% efficiency at 2MHz
  • Ultralow EMI on any PCB and eliminates PCB layout sensitivity
  • Internal bypass capacitors reduce radiated EMI
  • Optional spread spectrum modulation

Use cases

  • Automotive and industrial supplies
  • General purpose step-down
  • Servers, telecom power supplies
  • Distributed DC power systems (POL)
  • FPGA, ASIC, μP core supplies

Featured Silent Switcher® 2 Products

Part NumberNumber of outputsVin (min) VVin (max) VOutput Current (typ) ASwitch Current (typ) APrice (1000+) $ USPackage
LTC3310S12.255.510 2.7018-Lead LQFN (3mm × 3mm × 0.94mm)
LT8642S12.81810184.1524-lead LQFN (4mm x 4mm x 0.94mm w / EP)

Digital Isolation Technology

With ubiquitous connectivity and digitization, it’s more important than ever to protect people, assets, and data from high voltages via digital isolation technology. ADI’s portfolio delivers best-in-class patented digital isolation technology for data, high power isolated DC to DC converters and communication protocols ranging from RS485, USB, and CAN to gigabit LVDS and on to isolated gate drivers crafted for IGBT & SiC, isolated switches , and isolated Σ-Δ (sigma-delta) ADC modulators & amplifiers.

Advantages of Isolated Controllers

  • Smaller size
  • Lower cost / higher performance
  • Lower power consumption
  • Integrate with other functions
  • Reliability / safety

Use cases

  • Automotive, industrial, medical power supply
  • Isolated off-line housekeeping power supplies
  • Electric vehicles and battery stacks

Featured Isolated Controller Products

Part NumberData rate (max) bpsInsulation Rating V rmsout  Isolated Supply (max) AVs + (min) VVs + (max) VPrice (1000+) $ US

Battery Management Solutions

Analog Devices offers a broad portfolio of high-performance battery management devices including battery chargers, companion battery charge controllers, and battery backup managers. Battery chargers are for both wireless and wired applications and may be used for any rechargeable battery chemistry, including Li-Ion, LiFePO4, lead acid, and nickel-based.


  • Enable long battery life and run time
  • Provide precision charging control
  • Constant status monitoring and stringent battery protection
  • Smaller footprint and faster charging
  • Circuit protection features enable improved thermal performance and reliable operations

Use cases

  • Solar powered battery chargers
  • Multiple types of lead acid battery charging
  • Li-Ion battery charger
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Isolated current sensing
  • Backup battery systems
  • High power portable equipment

Featured Battery Management Products

Part NumberPower Management FunctionVin (min) VVin (max) VMax Charge Current (typ) A
LTC6811-1Multicell Battery Monitor 75 
LTC6813-1Multicell Battery Monitor 112.5 
LT8491Battery charger68010
LT8228 610040
LTC2949Battery Gas Gauge, Battery Stack Monitor4.514 
ADP5360Battery Charger, Battery Gas Gauge, Current Limit, VID Voltage Programmer4.16.8320m
LTC4126-ADJWireless Power Charger (receiver)2.75.550m
LTC4162-F/-L/-SBattery Charger for LiFePO4 / Li-Ion / Lead acid4.5353.2

High Input Voltage Buck Regulators

Analog Devices’ high input voltage buck family is more specialized for higher input voltage applications that range from 30V to 100V. This voltage range simplifies design requirements in demanding automotive and industrial applications where large voltage transients can occur.


  • Wide input range for a variety of industrial and automotive applications
  • Very low no-load quiescent current extends operating runtime in battery powered systems
  • Low EMI for noise sensitive applications

Use cases

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Industrial
  • Backup power systems
  • Military / avionics

Featured High Input Voltage Buck Regulators

Part NumberNumber of OutputsVin (min) VVin (max) VOver Voltage Protection (typ) VOutput Current (typ) A
LT860413.242 120m
LTC7802-3.324.520 20
LT863713.442 5
LTC780224.540 12
LTC78173140 25

Power management tools

Analog Devices offers a complete portfolio of power management tools to make designing power systems and circuits easier and with good quality. Use the LTpowerPlanner tool for system-level power tree designs, starting with the LTpowerCAD® tool to find solutions and optimize supply designs, and then use the LTspice® for circuit simulations.

Design tool

LTpowerCAD® and LTpowerPlanner

The LTpowerCAD® program is a complete power supply design tool that can significantly ease tasks of power supply design. It provides recommendations for component values ​​and performance estimates specific to the user’s application with power products of Analog Devices. Within the LTpowerCAD® Program, there is also an LTpowerPlanner power architecture design tool for system-level power design and optimization.


LTspice® is a high-performance SPICE simulation software, schematic capture, and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of analog circuits. Included in the download of LTspice® are macro models for a majority of analog devices switching regulators, amplifiers, as well as a library of devices for general circuit simulation.


LTpowerPlay® is a powerful, Windows-based development environment supporting Analog Devices’ Digital Power System Management (PSM) products.

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