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AVR-DA Product Family Enabling Functional Safety, Real-Time Control, HMI and Connectivity Applications

The new AVR-DA Family, Ready for Functional Safety.

New Functional Safety Ready AVR®-DA Microcontroller Family Enables Real-Time Control, Connectivity and HMI Applications. Next-Generation AVR MCU Family Features Core Independent Peripherals, Advanced Analog and On-Chip Communications​​​​​​​. From now samples of all 128KB package variants will be available at SEMITRON.

Datasheet, Application Notes, Technical Briefs and Code Examples will be available NOW.

Please visit for more information:

The AVR-DA family is recommended for safety critical applications targeting both industrial and automotive products (IEC 61508 and ISO 26262). Functional Safety Ready means we have FMEDA report, Basic Safety Manual and Certified Compiler (XC8). For more details visit the Functional Safety Design Center at Microchip homepage.

FMEDA report and Basic Safety Manual are available upon request. The MPLAB XC8 compiler is Functional Safety Certified by TÜV SÜD. Certified License is purchasable through the Microchip web site.

Supporting IDEs: