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Leading Manufacturers of Electronic Components in the Fields of Telecommunications, Payment, and Industrial Applications

About Seiko Instruments

Seiko Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components. Since 1983, high-tech products have been developed in the fields of telecommunications, payment applications, and industrial applications. Our customers, who themselves are leaders in your industry, appreciate our high level of performance.

“Trust is the conviction of the correctness, truth, and honesty of the actions and statements of another or of yourself. Trust is the basis of our actions. This basic attitude of our company has a long tradition. In 1923, during a devastating earthquake in Tokyo, all watches that were stored at Seiko for maintenance or repair were destroyed. Because of the mutual trust, the founder of the company Kintaro Hattori replaced all destroyed watches, even if no proof could be provided, and thus rely on unconditional trust in his customers. Just like the customers had previously given their watches to his hands with confidence.”

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