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Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Inc. defines innovation and excellence in signal processing. ADI’s integrated circuits (ICs) for processing analog, mixed and digital signals (DSP) play a fundamental role in many processes. For example, when converting, processing and processing real phenomena such as light, sound, and temperature. ADI components are also often used to convert movement and pressure into electrical signals, which are used in many electronic devices. That means the sharpest picture, the clearest sound, and optimal interface, size and performance in thousands of industrial, automotive, medical, communication and other applications.


Microchip Technology Inc. provides the world’s leading microcontroller, serial memory, RF, and analog products that ensure safe product development, lower overall system costs, and shorter time to market. The Microchip product line is the ideal solution for your embedded design needs. Microchip offers XLP PIC MCUs with low power consumption, extraordinarily innovative analog and serial memory products, up to high-performance -8bit, -16bit and -32bit PIC MCUs, -32bit SAM MCUs, MPUs and with Microsemi now also FPGAs, as well as customized products for your cost-effective design.


Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things (S & IoT) possess the innovative strength to realize the wishes of our customers. With more than 50,000 products ranging from snap-action switches to limit and pressure switches to position, speed and airflow sensors, Honeywell Sensing and IoT has applications for all requirements and needs. An outstanding product line is far from everything that Honeywell can offer its customers. There you will find the technical competence and experience that other companies cannot offer. Honeywell switches and sensors are suitable for numerous basic and demanding applications, tailor-made solutions offer maximum accuracy, repeatability, and robustness for use in different industries: industrial, aviation and military, transportation, medical, testing and measurement technology applications.


In January 2016, ABLIC became independent of Seiko Instruments Inc., and it has been operating as a maker of analog semiconductors under its current name since January 2018. Now ABLIC has made a fresh start upon becoming a member of the MinebeaMitsumi Group in April 2020. In-house development and fabrication of CMOS ICs in 1970, based on the production of the world’s first practical quartz watches in which CMOS ICs were incorporated. Since then, while continuing to provide small, low-power consumption, and accurate analog semiconductor products, not only for watches, but also for a wide range of consumer, mobile, automotive devices and medical equipment, we have been making great efforts to bring about innovations in our in-house technology.

Seiko Instruments

Seiko Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components. Since 1983, high-tech products have been developed in the fields of telecommunications, payment applications, and industrial applications. Our customers, who themselves are leaders in your industry, appreciate our high level of performance. “Trust is the conviction of the correctness, truth, and honesty of the actions and statements of another or of yourself. Trust is the basis of our actions. This basic attitude of our company has a long tradition. In 1923, during a devastating earthquake in Tokyo, all watches that were stored at Seiko for maintenance or repair were destroyed. Because of the mutual trust, the founder of the company Kintaro Hattori replaced all destroyed watches, even if no proof could be provided, and thus rely on unconditional trust in his customers. Just like the customers had previously given their watches to his hands with confidence.