SEMITRON W.RÖCK GmbH was founded in 1975 by Dipl.-Ing. Werner Röck. More than 130 employees currently work in our Distribution and Test House facilities. Our extensive network of regional offices in Stuttgart, Quickborn, Ingolstadt, Munich and Bad Zurzach ensures we are able to offer our customers the highest levels of support with regard to applications-related questions and commercial matters. One of the largest test and programming facilities in Germany the test house was outsourced to the newly created SEMITRON Plant 2 in January 2001; this plant boasts approximately 4 000 square meters of floor space. Our company structure combining our distribution and test house facilities is the only one of its kind in Germany; it not only serves to promote the company's growth, but also the trust of customers in the quality of our services and products.

The Distributor

The complexity of electronic components is growing inexorably. Similarly, there is a growing need to provide users with expert help and support. It is only when the requisite conditions have been fulfilled that users are able to select the best products from both a technical and commercial point of view. They are then in a position to adapt the products to their individual (applications) requirements and put them to the best-possible use. Everyone in our team receives intensive training from the manufacturers we represent. All of us are certified applications and sales engineers. That is why we at SEMITRON are confident that you, our customers, are able to rely on the best possible support – and we come to you at your request.

The Test House

The test house enables SEMITRON to accommodate requirements to adapt standard products to individual application-specific needs and demands. Custom programming, taping and reeling of almost all electronic components is done professionally, quickly and at a reasonable cost. Selections, application-specific thermal tests and burn-ins as well as tape and reeling services, individual mechanical modifications, labelling and marking are all carried out to customer specifications. Of course, all test house services are also available for components sourced by the customer from other suppliers.