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Analog Devices ADXL354 – Low Noise, Low Drift, Low Power 3-Axis Accelerometer with analog output

Product Overview

The ADXL354 is part of a new family of low noise density, low 0 g offset drift, low power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometers with selectable measurement ranges. The ADXL354B supports the ±2 g and ±4 g ranges, the ADXL354C supports the ±2 g and ±8 g ranges. The ADXL354 offers industry leading noise, offset drift over temperature, and long-term stability, enabling precision applications with minimal calibration and with very low power consumption.

The ADXL354 perform high resolution vibration measurement with very low noise to enable the early detection of structural defects via wireless sensor networks. The low power consumption of the new ADXL354 accelerometers lengthens battery life and allows extended product usage by reducing the time between battery changes. The low noise performance of the ADXL354 with low power consumption makes it now possible to cost-effectively enable low level vibration measurement applications such as Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Additionally, the tilt stability of ADXL354 accelerometers delivers excellent repeatability over temperature and time, which is ideal for orientation and navigation systems in unmanned aerial vehicles using Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and inclinometers. By providing repeatable tilt measurement under all conditions, the new accelerometers enable minimal tilt error without extensive calibration in harsh environments.

The ADXL354 accelerometers offer guaranteed temperature stability with null offset coefficients of 0.15mg/C (max). The stability minimizes resource and expense associated with calibration and testing effort, helping to achieve higher throughput for device OEMs. In addition, the hermetic package helps ensure that the end product conforms to its repeatability and stability specifications long after they leave the factory.

With output of ±2g to ±8g full scale range (FSR), selectable digital filtering from 1 Hz to 1 kHz, and low noise density of 25µ/Hz and150µA current consumption, the ADXL354 MEMS accelerometer offers performance level comparable to much more expensive devices with less power consumption and BOM cost.

  • Inertial measurement units (IMUs)/altitude and heading reference systems (AHRS)
  • Platform stabilization systems
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Seismic imaging
  • Tilt sensing
  • Robotics
  • Condition monitoring

Evaluation Kit: EVAL-ADXL354BZ & EVAL-ADXL354CZ

The EVAL-ADXL35x-Z are simple evaluation boards that allow quick evaluation of the performance of Analog Devices new series of low power, low noise, low drift 3-axis, MEMS accelerometers.

Kit features include:

  • 2 sets of spaced vias for populating 6-pin headers
  • Easily attaches to prototyping board or PCB
  • Small size and board stiffness minimizes impact on the user system and acceleration measurements

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Price: 31 €

Order Samples

Model Package Pins Temp Range (°C) RoHS
ADXL354BEZ 14-Lead LCC (6mm x 6mm) 14 -40 to +125 E
ADXL354BEZ-RL 14-Lead LCC (6mm x 6mm) 14 -40 to +125 E
ADXL354BEZ-RL7 14-Lead LCC (6mm x 6mm) 14 -40 to +125 E
ADXL354CEZ 14-Lead LCC (6mm x 6mm) 14 -40 to +125 E
ADXL354CEZ-RL 14-Lead LCC (6mm x 6mm) 14 -40 to +125 E
ADXL354CEZ-RL7 14-Lead LCC (6mm x 6mm) 14 -40 to +125 E