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Analog Devices ADcmXL3021 – Wide Bandwidth, Low Noise, Triaxial Vibration Sensor

Product Overview

The ADcmXL3021 is a complete vibration sensing system that combines high performance vibration sensing (using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers) with a variety of signal processing functions to simplify the development of smart sensor nodes in condition-based monitoring (CBM) systems. The typical ultralow noise density (26 μg/√Hz) in the MEMS accelerometers supports excellent resolution. The wide bandwidth (dc to 10 kHz within 3 dB flatness) enables tracking of key vibration signatures on many machine platforms.

The signal processing includes high speed data sampling (220 kSPS), 4096 time sample record lengths, filtering, windowing, fast Fourier transform (FFT), user configurable spectral or time statistic alarms, and error flags. The serial peripheral interface (SPI) provides access to a register structure that contains the vibration data and a wide range of user configurable functions.

The ADcmXL3021 is available in a 23.7 mm × 27.0 mm × 12.4 mm aluminum package with four mounting flanges to support installation with standard machine screws. This package provides consistent mechanical coupling to the core sensors over a broad frequency range. The electrical interface is through a 14-pin connector on a 36 mm flexible cable, which enables a wide range of location and orientation options for system mating connectors.

The ADcmXL3021 requires only a single, 3.3 V power supply and supports an operating temperature range of −40°C to +105°C.

  • Vibration analysis
  • CBM systems
  • Machine health
  • Instrumentation and diagnostics
  • Safety shutoff sensing

Evaluation Kit: EVAL-ADCM

The EVAL-ADCM is a simple to use kit that allows quick performance evaluation of Analog Devices 3-axis, digital output MEMS vibration sensing module.

Kit features include:

  • The EVAL-ADCM kit includes one ADcmXL3021 module
  • Easily connects to PC for full features evaluation
  • Evaluation software for effortless configuration of the module, register setup, data display and data logging
  • High-speed SPI to USB adaptor for high data rate Real Time Streaming (RTS)

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Price: 550 €

Order Samples

ModelPackagePinsTemp Range (°C)RoHS
ADCMXL3021BMLZ14-lead Module with integrated flex connector (27 mm x 23.7 mm x 12.4 mm)14-40 to +105Y



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