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SII Semiconductor Corporation Introduces the S-85S1A and S-85S1P Series with the World’s Lowest Current Consumption, High Efficiency Step-Down Switching Regulators for Wearable and IoT Devices

– The World’s Lowest * Current Consumption of 260 nA can help engineers design products that can extend battery operation time by up to 2.5 times –

SII Semiconductor Corporation, a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc., introduces the S-85S1P Series today, followed by the introduction of the S-85S1A Series on April 20. These series of step-down switching regulators feature ultra-high efficiency for low power consumption in wearable and IoT devices – with the World’s Lowest Current Consumption of 260 nA.

S-85S1A Series features the industry’s lowest quiescent current of 260 nA and a resulting high efficiency of 90.5% at a 100 μA load. This allows design engineers to extend battery operation time by up to 2.5 times compared to conventional LDO regulators. The S-85S1A Series enables extended operation of wearable and IoT devices powered by small-sized batteries. SII Semiconductor Corporation’s proprietary constant on-time (COT) allows the circuit to achieve fast transient response to load fluctuation.

SII Semiconductor Corporation also introduces the S-85S1P Series. It features a power monitoring output function, which divides battery voltage input into fractions of half or one third. The connection of this output to a low voltage microcontroller A/D converter enables monitoring of the battery voltage, or input voltage to the regulator. Conventional designs use external resistors to divide the voltage for monitoring. The S-85S1P Series allows for reduced external component count and less board space, while improving current consumption and accuracy when compared to the current conventional design.

Both the S-85S1A Series and the S-85S1P Series feature a small package to help reduce circuit design size and thickness. The packages are respectively SNT-6A (1.80×1.57×0.5mm) and SNT-8A (2.46×1.97×0.5mm).

In wearable, IoT and other small devices, battery capacity is limited. Extending operation time is a challenge, demanding high efficiency power ICs. To meet this demand, SII Semiconductor Corporation has developed these highly efficient step-down switching regulators and a solution with power monitoring function ideally suited to battery-powered devices.

*  According to our research


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S-85S1A Series

S-85S1P Series


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