Quality optimisation through components testing

All device manufacturers would like confirmation of the error-free quality and proper functioning of their products over the entire lifecycle of the product. Choosing the right components in terms of function and design offers certainty with regard to the high quality of the end product.

In addition to the distribution of semiconductors, Semitron W. Röck GmbH specialises in test house services. We offer all quality control procedures (e.g. component analysis); moreover, programming components with customer-specific software is included in our programming services. Our test house also offers the option of taping components to the batch size required. That ensures our customers receive the batch size that suits them best, irrespective of the manufacturer, if desired. At the same time, the electronic components are processed to the highest quality and safety standards (including CECC regulations). Many years of intensive collaboration with manufacturers and users as well as KNOW-HOW in the processing of electronic components incorporating various testing procedures mean that when it comes to quality assurance – SEMITRON is your partner.