Einladung Microchip Masters – US Masters & European Masters (Berlin)

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17. Juni 2015
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16. Juli 2015
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Einladung Microchip Masters – US Masters & European Masters (Berlin)

Auch dieses Jahr finden wieder die Micorchip Masters statt.


  • Zum einen die US Masters in den USA, Arizona. Hier gibt es direkten Kontakt zu Microchip Chip Designern und Division-Verantwortlichen:

“Join Microchip in Phoenix, Arizona, for the 2015 MASTERs Conference and experience the premier technical training event for embedded control engineers around the globe. The MASTERs Conference continues to arm system design engineers of every level with extensive product information and hands-on training to help you scale the learning curve and get your products to market faster. Classes cover a broad range of topics and are taught by Microchip’s application and design engineers.”


  • Außerdem gibt das EU Masters 15.-17. September 2015 in Berlin, gehalten von den Europäischen Microchip FAEs und Microchip-Spezialisten.

“It will be a 3 day event, starting Tuesday, September 15th with basic lectures in the morning to allow those arriving in the late morning to not miss out on the core program. Microchip has 5 parallel sessions of Lecture Classes, 3 parallel sessions of Hands On Classes where the participants will work on a PC with Microchip- Development tools. In addition there are around 12 Open Expert Lab Sessions running troughout the 3 days where participants can book timeslots to allow face to face time with industry experts on specific topics. Tuesday evening Microchip is planning on a Barbeque on site. Wednesday is a full day with an evening dinner cruise on the river Spree. Thursday the Lecture and Hands on classes will run in the morning. Official closure is around lunch time but Microchip will keep some Expert Lab Sessions running in the afternoon on demand.”

Für weitere Informationen oder Fragen zu Anmeldung können Sie sich gerne über unser Kontaktformular an uns wenden.

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