ADM1293: Digital Power Monitor with PMBus Interface

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29. Januar 2015
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ADM1293: Digital Power Monitor with PMBus Interface

The ADM1293 and ADM1294 are high accuracy integrated digital power monitors that offer digital current, voltage, and power monitoring using an on-chip, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), communicated through a PMBus™ compliant I2C interface.
These devices acquire the current by measuring the voltage difference across the external sense resistor. This voltage is amplified and digitized by an internal 12-bit ADC. The same ADC can also sample the primary input voltage and an auxiliary input voltage. The internal digital block can perform multiplication of the current and primary input voltage for power calculation. The ADM1293/ADM1294 also feature a power accumulator for energy metering. An industry-standard PMBus interface allows a master controller to read back these data from the device. The master controller can then combine this information with a known sense resistor value to calculate the current, voltage, power, and energy consumption over time on the monitored rail.
In conditions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and overpower, the ADM1293/ADM1294 devices can generate an interrupt signal to the microprocessor through the GPOx/ALERTx outputs. The threshold for these conditions is digitally programmed via PMBus.
The ADM1293 is designed for high-side supply monitoring with a voltage monitoring range from 0 V to 20 V. The ADM1294 is designed for low-side supply monitoring. Its integrated shunt regulator allows it to be powered and to monitor supply in wide voltage ranges.
The ADM1293/ADM1294 are available in 4 mm × 4 mm 16-lead LFCSP and 14-lead TSSOP packages with a specified operating ambient temperature range from -40°C to +105°C for the ADM1293 and an operating junction temperature range from -40°C to +105°C for the ADM1294.

Datenblatt Datasheet ADM1293_1294


    • Power monitoring/power budgeting
    • Central office equipment
    • Telecommunications and data communications equipment
    • PCs/servers

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